Healthy Holiday Foods You Can Share With Your Dog

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Healthy Holiday Foods You Can Share With Your Dog

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about celebrating the season with friends, family … and food! As beloved members of our family, it’s only natural to want to enjoy the festivities with Fido by your side.

Enjoying a delicious feast is often part of the fun, and it’s tempting to want to share the big meal with your furry friend. The good news is, there’s plenty of things that are healthy enough for them to eat, as long as they’re enjoyed in plain form and in moderation!

Below is a list of 10 common holiday foods that your canine can safely snack on. Keep in mind that there are plenty of potentially toxic trimmings to watch out for too, so make sure they far stay away from the onions, garlic, macadamia cookies, and chocolate cream pie.


Cooked, plain meats are generally safe and healthy to share with your four-four-legged friend, including some delicious roasted turkey! The things to look out for are seasonings like onions and garlic, which can actually be toxic to dogs.


The same rules apply for ham — avoid the seasonings! Also, this is a very rich meat, so just a little will do as a treat.

Mashed Potatoes

When cooked, potatoes are fine for dogs to enjoy, again, as long as they’re plain. Butter and cream are too fattening for our pets, and salt is a definite no-no. Also, make sure to hold the gravy!

Sweet Potatoes

Plain cooked sweet potatoes are healthy for our canines, but try not to share any sugary casseroles with your canine.

Green Beans

Raw or cooked, plain green beans are a great snack for hungry pups.


Pumpkin is a wonderful seasonal treat for humans and canines, but for four-legged friends, it needs to be the unsweetened and unseasoned kind.


You can share raw or steamed broccoli with your pal, as long as it’s unseasoned.


Another holiday staple, raw or cooked carrots — sans butter or flavorings — is a tasty treat that most pooches love.


As long as your dog isn’t sensitive to dairy, feel free to share a bite or two from the pre-dinner cheese board.


Dogs can eat cooked cranberries, again, as long as they’re plain! If you put some unsweetened homemade cranberry sauce on the table, your pup can enjoy a spoonful or two in their dish.


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