8 Of The Best Dog Breeds For People With Allergies

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Many people would love to welcome a four-legged friend into their home, but unfortunately, they, or someone else in the family, suffer from allergies. But there may be good news: there are lots of dog breeds (and cat breeds too!) that tend to have lower amounts of the dander that’s thought to cause allergy symptoms in humans.

To be clear, there is no such thing as a truly “hypoallergenic” dog breed. However, those with hair instead of fur, or hardly any hair at all, can make wonderful options for those who normally sneeze and wheeze in the presence of pups. (Of course, this may also depend on the severity of the allergy.)

Below are 8 dog breeds that may be better-suited for allergy sufferers of all kinds.

Chinese Crested

There are two kinds of Chinese Crested dogs: the Powderpuff and Hairless, which are with and without fur, respectively. Both are small, loving, lively, and great for allergy sufferers. Though the hairless variety doesn’t require regular trimmings like its counterpart, extra attention needs to be paid to protect its sensitive skin.

Kerry Blue Terrier

This intelligent, people-oriented breed has a beautiful blue-gray coat that will mat without regular brushing since it doesn’t shed. Once an alert farm dog, this medium-sized pooch needs plenty of exercise to keep it healthy and happy!


The Lhasa Apso’s low-allergenic qualities won’t leave allergy-inducing fur around your home. As a high-spirited breed, they love wide-open spaces that allow their little legs to run at a full sprint. They have thick skin to support their heavy coat, which requires a high-protein and fat diet. Consult your veterinarian for the best type of food to give your Lhasa. 


Small and white, this playful breed is well-suited for apartment living and won’t leave clumps of fur in every corner. They were bred as companion dogs and prefer to be in your lap above all else! Like some of the other shed-free breeds on this list, Maltese pups need regular brushing and grooming appointments to avoid getting matted hair. 


Poodles come in three different sizes — toy, mini, and standard — making it easy to match this breed with most lifestyles. There are many Poodle hybrids too, including Goldendoodles, Cockapoos, and Labradoodles, just to name a few. Keep in mind that as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, Poodles require extra stimulation to keep them occupied. 


Similarly to Poodles, the Schnauzer comes in three sizes: miniature, standard and giant. Bold and fearless, the Schnauzer does well with lots of training and exercise. Its wiry whiskers stay in place, and extra-long hairs may need to be removed occasionally.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Wheaten Terrier’s minimally-shedding, silky soft coat is perfect for allergic owners who want to give their dogs the pets they deserve! This happy and energetic breed is extremely loyal but has a strong prey drive, so be careful to keep your’s leashed or in a fenced-in yard during your daily exercise sessions. 

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are known for their big-dog, small-body attitudes. They are feisty and tend to bark, but are loyal and loving companions who are happy to join you on a couple of short daily walks. As a popular hypoallergenic breed, Yorkies are a common choice for those with allergies. Their fine hair needs frequent brushing and grows fast, so be sure to take them for regular trips to the groomer.


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